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6 Days Toraja Village Trek

Sulawesi formerly known as Celebes is an island in Indonesia. The name Sulawesi comes from the words sula(island) and besi(iron) and may refer to the historical export of iron.
Sulawesi is the world’s eleventh-largest island with an area of nearly 175,000 square km and about 18,5 million people. Sulawesi consists of four peninsulas; the northern Minahasa peninsula, the east peninsula, the south peninsula and the south-east peninsula. Islam is the majority religion in Sulawesi, Christians form a substantial minority on the island.Smaller communities of Buddhists and Hindus are also found on Sulawesi.

Sulawesi is part of Wallacea meaning that it has a mix of both Asian and Australasian species. There are 8 national parks on the island of which 4 are mostly marine.
There are 127 known mammalian species in Sulawesi 67% are endemic meaning they are found nowhere else in Indonesia or the world. Around 350 bird species are in Sulawesi and several endemic species of freshwater fish.
Toraja, the sacred highlands.’To Riaja’ or a place where northern people lived(‘To’ means people while ‘ Riaja’ means north). On this land old ways live on, Toraja is a life-changing experience waiting to be explored, split into two regions Tana Toraja and Toraja Utara-32 cultural villages stand in unison.

Day 1
Arrival Makassar – Toraja

Morning arrival at HasanuddinAirport ,your tour guide will meet you and directly depart to Toraja,  by private vehicle, passing through the Buginese area with their distinctive stilt houses through magnificent scenery and mountain. Afternoon arrive in Toraja.

Day 2
Toraja Tour

After breakfast, starting to explore the natural life of Toraja People. First transfer by car to visit DERI village to see the rock grave and the baby grave, then proceed to other surrounding typical villages passing through the paddy field on foot, then reaching LEMPO village. Crossing the road down to PANA village, where the ancient stones graves could be seen, after continue to BATUTUMONGA, passing beautiful scenery. Late afternoon check in at Local guest house in BATUTUMONGA.

Day 3
Toraja Trekking

After having a simple breakfast, start trekking for around 6/7 hours trek to Limbong village through rice fields, great Panorama ,traditional House, suspension bamboo bridge, witnessing villagersDaily live. Overnight at Local Guest House.

Day 4
Toraja Trekking

After breakfast, continue trekking from Limbong village to Dende, and witnessing the local people life, walking thru to Salu , passing through coffee plantation, reaching the village where your vehicle is waiting to bring you to reach Rantepao city. Afternoon Check in hotel.

Day 5
Toraja Full Day Tour

After breakfast, visit the fascinating villages of Toraja with the unique Tongkonan Houses which shape like a ship bow and stern. LEMO, grave yard on the cliff. SUAYA, old royal stone graves of the seventh king. SANGGALA, the tree for the dead babies. Afternoon visit LONDA, an ancient natural graves and puppets on the balcony representing the dead. KETEKESU, traditional Toraja village. If you want to see local Market, please ask your guide to have a stop before back to your hotel.

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