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5 Days Sumatra Nature Trekking

Sumatra (Indonesian: Sumatera) is an island in western Indonesia and part of the Sunda islands.It is the 6th largest island in the world, an area of 473,481 square km, and a population of nearly 55 million people. The people of Sumatra are multi-lingual, multi-diverse and multi-religious, there are over 52 languages spoken.

A majority of the people in Sumatra are Muslims(87%) while 10% are Christians, 2% are Buddhist and 1% Hindu. Sumatra has a wide range of vegetation types which are home to a rich variety of species, including 17 endemic genera of plants.Unique species include the Sumatran Pine which dominates the Sumatran tropical pine forests. Sumatra is home to 201 mammal species and 580 bird species such as the Sumatran ground Cuckoo, the island has about 300 freshwater fish species as well.

Famous are the Sumatran tiger, elephant and orangutan, in 2008 the Indonesian government announced a plan to protect Sumatra’s remaining forests with its incredible flora & fauna. Sumatra is the largest producer of Indonesian coffee, small-holders grow Arabica coffee in the highlands while Robusta is found in the lowlands. Arabica coffee from the regions of Gayo, Lintong and Sidikilang is typically processed using the Gilling Basah(wet hulling) technique which gives it a heavily body and low acidity.

Day 1
Bukit Lawang – Landak River, Sleep In Tent

First orang utan tour. You’ll visit the feeding platform where the orang utans are fed and trained to live in the wild. It is a marvelous sight to see the orang utans coming out of the forest to the platform by swinging from branch to branch. In the fruit season the orang utans may not come out as they may get enough foods from the forest but it happens rarely. After the feedings, jungle trek approx 6 hours deeper in the park. A bit hard but worth it. It gives you a big chance to see exotic plants, birds, wild orang utans, gibbons and other monkeys. You’ll walk via small often muddy and hilly paths, seldom flat walking. Good physical fitness is required. Simple packed lunch on trails. Your campsite lies by the riverside. It is authentic and basic. Tents are bamboo shells covered with tarpaulins stretched over a branch. The front and back of tent are so open, but offering adequate protection against the rain. A real jungle camp! Preparation of dinner.

Day 2
Landar River – Aras Pinang, Sleep In Tent (B, L, D)

After enjoying breakfast prepared by our tour guide and ranger, prepare to continue the exploration, this second day will take approximately 6 hours walking in the jungle and crossing several small river, where the opportunity to see and observe several kind of animal such as reptiles and other kind of animal and varieties of flora of tropical rain forest. Afternoon arrival at Aras Pinang prepare for camping on the bank of the river. Lunch and dinner will provide by tour guide.

Day 3
Aras Pinang – Kerapu River (B, L, D)

After breakfast prepared by tour guide continue tracking. This day the tracking will also take about 6 hours, where the tracking will take to the direction of Kerapu river. During the tracking the opportunity to see more wild monkeys, birds and wild Orang Utan. The tracking will also take about 6 hours. Arrival at Kerapu river overnight at Tent or temporary shelter. Lunch and dinner provided by tour guide.

Day 4
Kerapu River – Musam River (B, L, D)

After breakfast prepared by our tour guide continue tracking to Musam river, the route will take trough the forest and feel more adventures. The tracking will take about 6 hours and afternoon will arrive at temporary camp built near Musam river, overnight at temporary camp or tent.

Day 5
Musam River – Pori Village – Jeep Trip To TangKahan (B)

After breakfast continue walk around 2 hours till you reach village Porli. From here you will be taken by local jeep to Tangkahan. The jeep trip takes about one hour passing by oilpalm plantation tracks and rural area. Arrive in Tangkahan, direct transfer to your lodge and relax.