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3 days Ijen Bromo tour

Java is an island of Indonesia with a population of 145 million people it is the most populous island of the world. Java is home to 57% of the total Indonesian population.The Indonesian capital Jakarta is located on western Java, much of the Indonesian history took place on Java.

It was the center of powerful Hindu-Buddist empire, the Islamic sultanates and the core of the colonial Dutch East Indies. Nowadays Java dominates Indonesia politically, economically and culturally. Three main languages are spoken on the island with Javanese being dominant, the island is divided into four provinces: West Java, Central Java, East Java and Banten. Jakarta and Yogyakarta are two special regions.

The natural environment of Java is tropical rainforest with ecosystems ranging from coastel mangrove forests on the north coast, rocky cliffs on the southern coast and low-lying tropical forests to high attitude rainforests on the slopes of mountainous volcanic regions in the interior.
Java has a rich biodiversity of wildlife where numbers of endemic species of flora and fauna flourish, for instance there are 450 species of birds.

Day 1
Arrival – Bunyuwangi – Ijen

Upon arrival at Banyuwangi airport, meeting with your guide then direct transfer to Mt. Ijen. It takes about 6 hours drive. En route visit indigenous Pasuruan fishing village with plenty colorful traditional fishing boats, traditional salt making pro¬cess, picturesque verdant rice and sugar cane fields, and vast coffee plantation. Lunch is included. Overnight at Ijen Guest House with simple dinner.

Day 2
Ijen – Bromo

After simple breakfast, do Mt. Ijen (2,400 m) excursion. This volcano offers a savan¬nah landscape, ruggedly beautiful panoramas, grand hiking, and a placid, brightly yellow crater-lake. The summit of Mt. Ijen is a gorgeous crater filled with haunting turquoise-blue lake with its surface streaked in the wind blow patterns of yellow sul¬fur vapor. By the crater lake edge, there is an evil-smelling sulfur where local people digging and carrying 60-70 kgs on their bare shoulders for 2 miles ascending and descending steep Mt. Ijen wall. Back to the home stay and proceed to Mt. Bromo for overnight. Lunch and dinner are included.

Day 3
Bromo – Surabaya – Departure

Very early morning, join Mt. Bromo tour. The tour starts by a transfer to Cemara Lawang village. Then get a pony to trot down the steep slope of Mts. Tengger, cross¬ing the sea-of-sand in the darkness of the early morning giving you the feeling riding into eternity, climbing up 245 steps to reach the awesome rim crater awaits for the sunrise cracking up the day through its rays from the eastern range of Mts. Tengger. From here a marvelous views of Mt. Bromo and its surrounding can be seen (subject to the weather). Back to the hotel for breakfast and shower. Next transfer further to Surabaya airport for onward departure flight