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13 Days Yali Tribe Adventure

Papua province is the largest and easternmost province of Indonesia.The total area is about 319,000 square km with a population of about 3,5 million people. The motto of Papua is Karya Swadaya(Sanskrit)means; work with one’s own might. 83% of the Papuans identified themselves as Christian(65% Protestant and 18% Roman Catholic), 16% of the Papua populations is Muslim and 1% Buddhist or Hindu. The city of Jayapura is the capital, also the largest city of Papua built on a slope overlooking the bay. Central east-west mountain range dominates the geography of the island over 1,600 km in total length.The province contains the highest mountains between the Himalayas and the Andes rising up to 4,884 metres high and ensuring a steady supply of rain from the tropical atmosphere.

The southern and northern lowlands stretch for hundreds of kilometres and include lowland rainforests, extensive wetlands, savanna grasslands and expanses of mangrove forest.
The Lorentz National Park in the southern lowlands is a UNESCO world heritage site.
Papua has an estimated 16,300 species of plant, 124 genera of which are endemic.Papua’s knwon forest fauna includes; marsupials, other mammals, bird species such as parrots and cockatoos and the world largest butterflies.
The waterways and wetlands of Papua are also home to salt and freshwater crocodile, flying foxes, osprey, bats and other animals.

Day 1
Jayapura Arrival – Wamena

Morning arrival in Jayapuran, then you will be arranged for connecting flight to Wamena. Upon Arrival in Wamena , transfer to your hotel, check in and a short briefing by your guide about the trip.

Day 2
Wamena – Trekking (6 hours)

Today is just 3,5 hour to walk. After the porter arrived with a truck, You will walk to the river , cross the suspension bridge of Baliem. Walk along the river to the villages , witnessing local people daily life, you will see how they plant potatoes as their daily activities, and use potatoes as their primer food… trek up slowly to Hitugi village where you will have overnight in the tents near the school.

Day 3
Trekking (6 hours)

Today, you will walk on the The first 1.5 hours, via a suspension bridge , upstream to Mugi will reach Yuarima village for the plateu . The next village you will reach is Jogosim, trekk through the flat land…lying on beautiful plateu on the foot of the waterfall…..you will stay overnight with tent in this area or stay with local village.

Day 4
Trekking (5.5 hours)

Trekk further straight to the forest passing beautiful and spectacular rain forest, real nature, wild birds, you will also find rare crossing the the creek to reach Kiroma village.
This trekk today also passing the river of Mugi… you will have overnight in this open forest, tent will be arranged….

Day 5
Trekking (5 hours)

Continue trekk ing, you will find a bit different situation of the trek , slippery rocks to reach the sunny village of Siyam . Stay overnight in the tent.

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