Violeta Likiena


Hi Hengki,

Thank You very much for the amazing and well organized journey.
All our group want to say: Thank you very much.And we believe that we will visit Your country a lot of times in the future.

Peter Raber & Helga Gruenes

Salzburg – Austria


The tour was going over more than five weeks, started on Sumatra and was going on to Java, Bali, Flores, Komodo, Rinca and Sulawesi.

Everything was going perfect, the accommodations have been wonderful located and have been always the best available.

Piotr & Gaelle-Anne


As unbelievable as it can seems – yes ! we are at home since Friday
(after a short holidays in France as well). Alive and kicking !
Sleeping, washing, ironing and watching all unbelievable pictures of
our unbelievable adventure that could happen thanks to you.

It was a 150% great time !if you have a couple of hours we can tell
you all the stories and all high moments of our journeys.

Today my wife will spend all the day selecting pictures among all of
2500 we took..

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Isabella M. Gioia

Bologna – Italy

We were four Italian friends who decided to visit Indonesia this year
relying on the services of Hengki Ciutarno of Alfa Prima tours. The
whole trip was discussed and fixed by correspondence in email, and
everything worked very well.

We visited Java, Sulawesi, Flores, Bidadari and Bali. I must say that the organization was perfect, the
hotels were great, the guides and drivers pretty good and the places
unforgettable. I particularly enjoyed my visit among the Toraja people
but the highlight of the trip was our stay at Angel Island Resort on
Bidadari island. A dream place not easy to forget given its waters,
the corals, the tropical fish and the warm hospitality of our host Mrs

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Serena Barbi

Hi Hengki,

It’s a pleasure to read you!

The trip it was amazing! All the things are good,the places,the guides,the accomodations. Also the organization it was perfect,all the people that we meet are on time and very helpful for us.

I will recommend your agency to my friends!

Thank you for all!!